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I help 


millennial women
body dissatisfaction and create a peaceful relationship with food.

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what's on Youtube.

One of my goals with the HomeBody Club. is to make  physical and emotional healing accessible to all women, no matter your budget. My Youtube channel is an extension of the work I do in my one-on-one health coaching practice. 



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the premiere online community to connect with supportive, like-minded women and make lifelong friendships
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how I can help you.

complimentary discovery

30 minute coaching session - get clear on the emotional and mental roadblocks that make you eat when you're not hungry and believe that you need to lose weight in order to be worthy of your own love. On the house.

signature coaching 

heal the negative beliefs about your body, discover your emotional eating triggers and get off the diet roller coaster once and for all. 


if you're a bit skeptical about letting go of food and diet rules, my newsletter is the perfect place to learn about a non-diet approach to healthy eating and healthy body image. straight into your inbox every week.

words from the community.

"I believe if every woman could have these sessions and understand how beautiful they are as they are, the world would be a different place. "

Tshepang guided the session beautifully, and always clarified what I meant and how I felt - she never assumed anything.  She helped me realise that I should approach all I do for myself with kindness and patience. I think that my thoughts around food guilt will be seen in perspective from now on, and the session allowed me to dive deeper into the reasons why I have certain food cravings. It was a reminder that I should be more mindful in eating what I do, and that is a blessing.  One of the biggest moments for me in our session was when we meditated on my future self. It was relieving to know that that woman I strive to be is in reach and that I will one day merge with her. I believe I will stop being so hard on myself.  The person who would benefit most from these sessions has a difficult relationship with food and their body - I believe if every woman could have these sessions and understand how beautiful they are as they are, the world would be a different place. 
Thank you Tshepang, you really are a talented coach.

- Jessica G

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client love, from women just like you

I offer women a diet-free approach to healthy eating and body acceptance, and help them unlearn harmful societal beliefs that weight = health, and thinner is better.

I created the HomeBody Club. so that women could have a safe space to heal.  I certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and have since specialised in food & body image issues (I describe myself as a 'food and body image coach').


My work entails helping women uncover the emotional and socio-cultural roots of body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating (binge eating, emotional eating, restrictive eating). I believe that by unlearning toxic ideas we've inherited from society, i.e. changing our mindsets, we can find lasting freedom from body image and self-esteem issues, which will then allow us to heal our relationship with food.

My own journey of healing poor body image, low self esteem, clean-eating obsession and exercise-abuse helped me realise how much weight-loss culture and Western body standards are stealing from women's lives. Most of us will never live up to the standard that's portrayed as 'ideal', and it's stealing our time, money and capacity to show up in our lives in a meaningful way. 

Through my free online content, I aim to make true wellness accessible for women everywhere, especially women of colour who are typically excluded from wellness spaces.

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i'm Tshepang.



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