my motto: holistic self care made easy

about me

I'm a 23 year old South African-born girl living in Johannesburg. I'm a certified yoga teacher and soon to be qualified holistic health coach (2021). 

I have a deep love for helping women cultivate self-confidence and self love. I've come to know that the ritual of daily self care births self empowerment, self acceptance and joy over time. 

I love creating educational content about all facets of a healthy lifestyle. From non-toxic skincare, to how to boost menstrual health with simple food-based principles; I'm passionate about helping you create a simple lifestyle of all-round wellness. 

How self care became my lifestyle

My wellness journey started with me looking at myself in the mirror, after 2 years of boarding school and my first year in university, feeling totally unhappy with my body. I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror. From that point I decided to make a change. But even though my motivation was high, my self-esteem was pretty much under-ground.  Health and wellness was just about killing myself in the gym and depriving myself of food to lose weight. I became food and exercise obsessed, all the while only growing in self-hatred. 

I had to let it all go. The desire to lose weight; the desire to shrink to a western ideal of beauty in order to feel worthy. The moment I released the expectation was the moment I began learning about self care and what it truly means to be well.


I’m living it and learning through it everyday. I'm constantly hungry for more knowledge to better myself and to help you on your journey.

my journey with yoga

I started practicing yoga when I was just 14 years old. I had never seen anyone in my family doing it and I had never been to a single class. Yet I had this deep curiosity about it. 

In grade 9 I asked my mom to sign me up for short intro to yoga course at the studio just up the road from my high school. I remember being the youngest, and only black person, in the studio. 

During one of our classes our instructor came over and told me that she saw potential in me and that I could go really far in my practice. I had no idea that the curious 14 year old girl would end up as an instructor herself. 

In September 2019 I made the bold decision to use up my savings to enrol in a local teacher training. It was a scary, but heart-led, decision. I didn't really think that I'd become a yoga teacher, at the time I was just fulfilling a long-held desire to learn more and deepen my practice. 

After graduating from university in 2019, I made the intuitive decision not to get a corporate job in finance (one of my two majors). I had no idea where my career would go, but I had faith that my path would unfold before me.

As my desire to help and encourage has become more pronounced and as I have become more confident that God has a unique plan for me, I have organically been lead to doing this work as the first of many steps in my career.


my mission

To be my best self and to help you do the same. (It's really that simple.)

But I know that starting up, and maintaining, a healthy lifestyle can be hard. 

Over the past few years I've become really good at creating simple and sustainable self care habits. It has helped me gain so much love and respect for myself and my body; and I know that it can do the same for you.

some fun facts about me

My favourite colour is pink (if that wasn't already obvious).

I'm very introverted and I like to spend time alone daydreaming.


I'm an A-type creative. I started drawing, painting and singing pretty much the second I was born.

Disorganisation and tardiness are serious pet peeves for me. 

I was raised by a single mom, who I'm so grateful for and who is also my best friend. 

I don't believe in any form of conformity; I think that life is the best when we live it as our true selves. 

My greatest life desires are to do meaningful work and to spend time with the people I love the most.