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Get support for body dissatisfaction, over-eating, emotional eating and food guilt.
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This is THE private coaching experience for the woman looking for customised one-on-one care.





return home to your body, once & for all.


customised 3 & 6 month programmes 


2X 60

PER MONTH, held on

Zoom or in-person.


Unlimited direct access to me via WhatsApp for extra support between sessions.


Additional resources customised for your needs.



+ Heal body dissatisfaction & accept your body  
+ Restore healthy eating patterns and stop over-eating 
+ Learn how to cope with your emotions and heal emotional eating 
+ Break the cycle of  dieting and binge eating 
+ Restore body trust after dieting for years 
+ Heal food guilt and give yourself unconditional permission to eat 
+ Stop food anxiety by learning nutrition fundamentals & body trust
+ Unlearn diet rules of foods as 'good' or 'bad'
+ Overcome exercise-abuse rooted in body dissatisfaction
+ Repair low self-esteem from body image issues 
+ Regain mental & emotional energy to live a purposeful life 


take her word for it


After applying and qualifying for your chosen coaching programme, you will receive an email to schedule your complimentary discovery call. 

programme outline.

Just like every person is unique, so is every client's coaching journey. But here is a taste of what you can expect, week by week, inside the programme.

part 1

external influences on body image 

what you'll discuss in session 1 of part 1: 

  • The societal origins of body image struggles 
  • The influence of body shame from family, friends etc. on your body image
  • Internalised weight stigma's effect on your body image

body preoccupation: a big distraction

what you'll cover in session 2 of part 1:

  • Get clear on how body preoccupation has distracted you from living your life to the fullest
  • Use The Circle of Life to reflect on where you want to up-level your life 

positive body beliefs & self worth 

what you'll cover in session 3 of part 1: 

  • Unlearn negative beliefs about your body
  • Learn that your body IS good, no matter how it looks
  • Separate your self worth from your physical appearance 

Body respect & sustainable self care 

what you'll cover in session 4 of part 1: 

  • Learn the concept of 'body respect'
  • Health-promoting behaviours as tools for wellbeing, not weight control
  • Self care strategies that you'll enjoy and stick to

natural weight & body acceptance 

what you'll cover in session 5 of part 1: 

  • Learn the concept of natural weight (set point theory)
  • Reflect on how it could negatively impact your mental & physical health to continue pursuing weight loss 
  • Learn to accept your body as it is right now

positive body image for life 

what you'll cover in session 6 of part 1: 

  • Learn the concept of 'body image resilience'
  • Develop your positive-body-image-for-life toolkit 
  • Sign your body acceptance pledge 

part 2

unlearn diet mentality

what you'll discuss in session 1 of part 2:

  • Learn why diets are unsustainable 
  • Reflect on how restrictive diet rules have harmed your relationship with food in the past
  • Learn sneaky ways diet mindset leads to disordered eating, food guilt, and food anxiety

think of food in a healthy way

what you'll cover in session 2 of part 2: 

  • Learn the concept of 'food neutrality'
  • Give yourself permission to eat 'forbidden foods' without guilt
  • Rediscover the satisfaction & pleasure in eating 

nutrition fundamentals

what you'll cover in session 3 of part 2: 

  • Learn the basics of a nutritious diet without obsession
  • Unlearn the mindset that healthy eating is a 'diet'
  • Develop strategies to integrate nutritious & satisfying eating on a budget & busy schedule 

emotional eating & binge eating

what you'll cover in session 4 of part 2: 

  • Learn the concept of  'breaking the binge-restrict' cycle
  • Understand the emotions that trigger emotional eating, & develop healthy coping strategies 
  • Understand the meaning of your food cravings 

a healthy relationship with exercise

what you'll cover in session 5 of part 2: 

  • Unlearn exercise rules learned from diet culture 
  • Reflect on your relationship with exercise (or lack thererof)
  • Integrate exercise in a way that you enjoy, that fits in with your schedule & lifestyle

lifelong health without obsession 

what you'll cover in session 6 of part 2: 

  • Learn the concept of 'health without obsession'
  • Develop a sustainable roadmap to lifelong health

apply now and start overcoming body image issues and developing a healthier relationship with food, today.


R 5399

save 10%*


R 5399

save 10%*

PART 1 + 2

R 9300

save R1498

*save 10% on full price if you pay upfront

Monthly payment plan.

If you'd love to start right away but can't pay up-front, you're welcome to pay monthly. Payments will be processed automatically on a monthly basis. 
Part 1: R2000 per month for 3 months 
Part 2: R2000
 for 3 months
Part 1+2: R1800
 for 6 months 

client transformations.

real life stories, from women just like you

Lusanda M

The session helped me put words and make sense of emotions and behaviours that I have struggled with for a long time and being able to identify them more clearly is empowering.  I like that although there was no claim to fix all your problems, there were practical tools Tshepang shared with me which I can implement in my life to hopefully start healing my relationship with food.


Kutlwano L

The one thing I believe will change about me as a result of the session is putting myself first. I will be able to fully look at myself through my eyes and no one else's. I will fall fully in love with the person I am inside and out. I will only put God and myself first and not listen to the world's expectations of me.

It gave me hope that no matter how I view myself at the moment, I can get to be the person I've always envisioned myself to be. 

Alwande Testimonial _edited.jpg

Alwande M

My favourite part of the session was understanding the difference between physical hunger cues vs perceived hunger, and learning that the former stems from being more in tune with your body. Tshepang creates an understanding of how our food habits impact our self perception, either through societal conditioning or parental environmental.This work is for someone wanting to work through body and food shame, and come into total acceptance. Thank you for bringing such an important service to humanity and I am really grateful to know you.


After applying and qualifying for your chosen coaching programme, you will receive an email to schedule your complimentary discovery call.