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The Balanced Blueprint: Meals and Lifestyle Plan (Mini e-book)

Contains 4 chapters of nutritional and lifestyle support to help *you* reach your health and beauty goals. 

The Balanced Blueprint is designed based of years of research, study and trial and error that helped me gain body confidence, strength in the gym, clearer skin and a healthier menstrual cycle. The principles in this mini e-book are simple and easy to apply. I take a thorough education approach because I know that being told what to do is simple not enough. You need to understand WHY are you are doing what you're doing so that you are EMPOWERED to make your own healthy lifestyle choices moving forward. 




Chapter 1: Let’s Talk Hormones - Why Hormones are the Driver of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G- that goes on in your body.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Hormones, food and blood sugar - what’s the connection?

Chapter 3: The Part You’re Really Here For - The Balanced Meals Blueprint (includes 4 easy low carbohydrate recipes)

Chapter 4: Your Balanced Lifestyle Blueprint - A Sustainable Guide to Holistic Self Care





The key dietary principle in the Balanced Blueprint is blood sugar balance. This is a crucial first step in repairing and maintaining  the health of the endocrine (hormone) system. No matter how many superfoods you're eating a day or how much you're exercising, if your blood sugar is not stable your homes will be thrown off. This can make it difficult to manage weight, maintain a healthy cycle and hence achieve clear skin. The Balanced Blueprint will teach you how to structure healthy balanced meals for stable blood sugar. 




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