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3 Drinks to Lower Inflammation and clear your skin

If you’re anything like me you love your teas and lattes! I’m personally obsessed. I find that a cup of tea at night is the perfect thing to help me unwind before bed. But teas can be more than an emotional comfort. It’s such great news to know that we can create healthy homemade drinks that also improve our health by supporting detoxification and lowering inflammation, helping to create a clear-skin boosting environment in our bodies.

The warm drinks in this post do just that. Give them a try and be patient, nothing good works overnight! :)

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Golden Mylk

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a medicinal spice. In modern times, it is commonly known as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is because of the active ingredient, curcumin, that gives it its vibrant yellow colour. Turmeric can easy be incorporated in teas and lattes, cooking or taken as a supplement. To enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, a non-dairy milk is used in this recipe.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion root tea is a powerful loose leaf tea that supports detoxification. Clear skin truly starts on the inside. A healthy detoxification system will show on your skin and visa versa. Dandelion helps the liver’s natural detoxification process, which ultimately creates a friendly environment for clear skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic with Lemon

Acetic acid in ACV is the main ingredient at work for clearing skin, as it is antibacterial and antifungal. Additionally ACV helps maintain an acidic/alkaline balance within the body. Chronic stress drives up acidity inside the body. In order to maintain balance and optimal health, we need to alkalise our bodies. This ACV tonic with lemon does just that.

Note that ACV should never be consumed undiluted. Always dilute it with either cold or warm water, I prefer warm. It makes a great start to the day.


Golden Mylk Recipe


½ tsp turmeric (non-irradiated and organic if possible)

1 cup dairy free milk of choice (feel free to add more if you please)

1/tsp honey (raw for antibacterial properties)

¼ tsp cinnamon


1.Place all ingredients in a pot or saucepan on medium-low heat

2.Stir all the ingredients together until the mixture starts steaming

3.Serve immediately (may add a pinch of black or cayenne pepper on top for extra nutrient absorption)

ACV tonic recipe:


1tbs ACV (organic, unfiltered)

250ml warm water (filtered, if possible)

1/tsp honey (raw for antibacterial properties)


Stir in all ingredients and enjoy

Dandelion tea

Source a quality organic dandelion or dandelion root tea at your nearest healthfoods store (The Wellness Warehouse is a good option in South Africa).

I’m personally drinking one cup of dandelion leaf and mint tea per day in the morning. Alongside other detox-supporting and inflammation-curbing foods and lifestyle strategies, my acne has slowly been clearing over the past two weeks. I love a good golden mylk latte - it’s delicious and I love that it’s working *for* my body!

Did you try any of these drinks? Tag me in your Instagram story (@iamtshepangpooe) to let me know which one you tried!

Lots of love

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