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Affordable Non-Toxic Skincare Products (South Africa)

Conventional beauty and body products contain toxic chemicals that not only disrupt your hormones (endocrine disrupting chemicals) but also can cause other devastating health outcomes in your body in the long-term. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) cosmetic manufacturers have reported using chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive damage. Considering that we use these products everyday of our lives, this is cause for concern. In this post I’m going to be sharing with you the affordable and easily accessible non-toxic skincare products that I use, most of which are 100% natural. I’ll also tell you where I find them and roughly how much each one of them costs. I’m including the financial aspect just to show you that healthier products are not always extremely expensive. With a bit of planning, and just looking in different places, you can find clean products that fit your budget and keep your skin happy. I have a little tip at the end of the post to help you start your non-toxic skincare routine. Whether you choose to go 100% natural or to buy non-toxic lab-made products, this little tip will make your life so much easier!

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For my cleanser I use the Earthsap tea tree face wash. I love this cleanser because although it has tea tree oil, which is quite a harsh essential oil, it’s really gentle. The tea tree oil is a great addition for acne-prone skin, because the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil help to calm acne-related skin inflammation. I love the gel consistency which is really smooth and luxurious when I apply it to my skin. And it has a lovely refreshing scent.

This one comes down to R84 per 200ml, which is really affordable compared to some other conventional cleansers on the market.

Toner I started off using the Earthsap tea tree toner, which I also really loved, but then I switched to making my own toner with apple cider vinegar, water and tea tree oil. The Earthsap toner is equally as lovely as the cleanser; it’s extremely gentle yet really effective at hydrating the skin and preventing excessive dryness after cleansing. It’s a lovely light toner which feels fresh on my skin and doesn’t burn like some conventional alcohol-containing toners.

This toner is priced at R92 per 200ml.


I added a serum to my skincare routine just for a sense of luxury, not so much for its functional use. I use the Balance and Brighten Serum by the Apothecary. It comes in a small 20ml glass bottle and has a lovely soft lemon-y aroma. It feels absolutely luxurious on your skin. As for whether or not it’s improving the appearance of my skin, I have no idea. I just like how it feels :)

The Balance and Brighten serum is priced at R149 for 20ml. It does last really long though, so value for money is guaranteed. Moisturiser

I’ve been using The Everyday Cream by Skin Creamery. This is by far my favourite product out of all the ones I’ve listed. Each application is an event to look forward to and feels like a skin delicacy. The consistency of the cream is unlike that of any other I’ve used before. It’s creamy and hydrating but doesn’t cause greasiness, which is perfect for my oily skin. It has worked well for me in summer and in winter, which is an added bonus. It has a scent from heaven and is packaged in an unbelievably sleek black and white glass bottle. The epitome of affordable luxury.

The Everyday Cream is priced at R248 per 100ml. I was a bit hesitant to buy this for the first time, considering the price relative to the other products, but it has proven to be really worth it. I use it only in the mornings to make it last longer.


Grapeseed oil

I use the organic grapeseed oil by Soil to moisturise my skin at night after cleansing. I chose this oil because it is non-comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t clog pores (clogged pores causes the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum (skin oil) which leads to acne). It’s a really light odourless oil which hydrates my skin really well in summer, day or night. In winter is works well in the evening as my skin doesn’t dry out while sleeping.

It is priced at R65 per 100ml, which is extremely affordable. It lasts months since you only need to use a couple of drops per application.

Tea tree oil

I’ve been using tea tree oil for years as a spot treatment. I have the one from Clicks, which I mix with grapeseed oil to apply to any whiteheads or particularly inflamed spots. It reduces inflammation and helps dry out spots with drying the epidermis (top skin layer). If using tea tree oil on your skin, be sure to to mix it with a carrier oil. Tea tree oil is really harsh and will break the epidermis if applied directly.

I have the 50ml bottle which is priced at R159. It has lasted me over a year so far.

The only product I’m missing for a complete skin care routine is a suitable non-toxic sunscreen. I’m still on the search for one that is affordable, non-greasy and won’t make my skin look white. Will let you know when I find the perfect one!


My personal approach with beauty and skincare is to keep it simple. Instead of reading product labels with thousands of ingredients to look for toxic chemicals, I choose products that have a few simple ingredients. That makes this whole non-toxic skincare and lifestyle thing so much easier and sustainable for me.

I hope you can see that switching to a non-toxic skincare routine that supports your hormones is a worthwhile, and totally manageable investment. Switching to a non-toxic skincare routine was an absolutely essential step that I took to start healing my hormone imbalances...which ultimately lead to me having much clearer skin, with bigger gaps between breakouts, and a more regular period.

Lots of love

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