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The relationship we have with food and our bodies: Tshepang pooe on the HOney I'm Home Podcast

I was recently featured on the Honey I'm Home podcast to chat about all things body image and relationship with food. Tune into this episode with Thando (host) and I to hear about some of the following topics:

  • Practical tips to start healing your relationship with food, today.

  • How to teach children to have a healthy relationship with food.

  • Holistic health habits to up-level your self care: from sleep hygiene, to nature bathing and self love

I know you'll love listening to this episode as much as I loved being featured on it. Share your golden takeaways with me (@iamtshepangpooe) and Thando (@thandoau) by tagging us in your Instagram story!

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Learn practical tips and tricks to end the war with your body, ditch dieting, break free from binge and emotional eating and find true peace with food.


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Daily affirmation and support to heal from body image issues, recover from disordered eating and re-claim your time, energy and holistic wellbeing. 



 Food and body image issues are distracting women from showing up meaningfully in their lives. My desire is to help women heal from disordered eating, have a healthier relationship with food and live a life of health without obsession. In this way, the noise will be cleared and collectively we'll be empowered to create a positive ripple-effect in our own lives and in the lives of others.

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