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Tshepang Pooe on weight-loss culture, Weight stigma & women's mental health (radio islam interview)

Listen in on my interview on Radio Islam International about the prevalence of body pre-occupation among women. This conversation is packed with insights on the socio-cultural root causes of body obsession and the extreme lengths women will sometimes go to in order to reach their body goals.

Click here to listen to the interview.

More specifically, here are some of the topics covered in the interview:

  • Unhealthy behaviours that are encouraged by weight loss culture (e.g. disordered eating, unregulated weight-loss pills etc).

  • The effects of weight-loss culture on mental health and self-esteem.

  • Steps one can take to start addressing unhealthy behaviours in response to body dissatisfaction.

  • How parents can talk to their teenage child if they suspect they may have an eating disorder.

  • Weight stigma, weight bias and internalised weight bias (IWB) as manifestations of body shame.

  • The ideal relationship we should have with food and our bodies.

  • How to navigate food and body shame during the holidays.

I loved being hosted and sharing my expertise as a Food & Body Image coach. I hope this interview taught you something new, and helps you to think more critically about the societal and personal conversations happening about women's bodies.

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