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When Healthy Eating & Exercise Isn't helping You Lose Weight (Set Point Theory)

Hey homebody,

I hope you're well! I'm so excited to share that my first Youtube video as a Food & Body Image Coach is finally up.

This video talks about weight loss struggles from an anti-diet culture perspective. You'll learn about an important concept called Set Point Theory, which lets us know that each of our bodies is unique and has its own healthy weight range (which is soooo not what diet culture teaches us). On top of this, it explains why, despite doing the 'right' things, you might not be making any notable progress toward your body goals. As always, this is a truthful take on what diet culture doesn't disclose about weight loss. It's so important for us to have this information so that we can set more realistic standards for ourselves and be freed from the endless tyranny of diet culture.We are not all made to look like our favourite fitness influencer, and that's okay.

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Until next time,

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 Food and body image issues are distracting women from showing up meaningfully in their lives. My desire is to help women heal from disordered eating, have a healthier relationship with food and live a life of health without obsession. In this way, the noise will be cleared and collectively we'll be empowered to create a positive ripple-effect in our own lives and in the lives of others.

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